Mistakes to Avoid to Make Your Essay More Readable


Essay writing is one thing you cannot avoid in academics. You have to write essays on a lot of different topics throughout your academic career, and improperly doing that might mean you’ll lose in grades.

An effective way to check your essay for mistakes is to edit it. But when the deadline is close, it’s not always possible to do so. If you are facing such a situation, you can always connect with our urgent essay writing service. We will help you out with your assignment.

In any case, while writing an essay you should keep in mind the readability of it. If your essay is hard to read, it will probably cost you crucial marks in the assignment.

So, here we have discussed the common mistakes that you should avoid while writing an essay. These mistakes when avoided carefully will help make your essay more readable and give you a polished essay that readers will love.


Forgetting to Proofread

You’ve already read your essay while writing and a second read just seems a waste of time and energy. We all face this situation, but ask the experts and they will all agree upon one thing. It’s vitally important to proofread your article before submission.

It’s easy for grammatical errors and minor spelling mistakes to creep through and if you do not check them, it will make your work look unprofessional and give a bad impression.

So, always proofread your essay for any error. Leave a day or two, or even an hour between writing and proofreading, but never forget to do it. You may be surprised at how many mistakes you can suddenly spot.

You can also ask some of your friends or some family member to give your essay a read. A fresh pair of eyes can almost always find the mistakes and suggest improvements that have escaped your eyes.


Writing without a Structure

Disorganized writings, not following a logical structure leads to essays that are confusing and hard to follow. So, before beginning to write, take the time to plan your essay and follow a structure that can be easily followed. This will improve the overall readability of your write up.

Organize your essay by using headers and separating it into sections. The headers should include the key takeaways of your essay.

All essays follow more or less a similar pattern. Begin with an introduction that explains what the essay is going to be about. The body of the essay will contain all that you will talk about. Then finish your essay with a conclusion recapping the points that you’ve made.


Consistency Matters

Being inconsistent in your writing does little help in making your essay a good read. Differences in font, size, and layout can give the impression that you have copied and pasted from websites. So, follow consistent formatting throughout your essay and make sure things like line spacing, size of text, font style, are the same throughout your document.


Long and Complicated Sentences

Using long sentences and a lot of them in your essay can take out a lot from the readability of it. Long sentences are often hard to follow and if the sentence is a complex sentence you would do better by breaking it into simple ones.

Simple and short sentences are easy to read and follow and thus adds to the readability factor of your essay. So, keep your sentences to the point and short to improve readability.


Keeping these factors in mind and avoiding them will make your essay easier and more enjoyable to read. If however, you are facing any problems while writing your essay, or you think that you won’t be able to complete your assignment in time, you can always approach our urgent essay writing service. We will help you out with whatever you are struggling with.

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